Expert Transmission Repair Services for Your Vehicle

Your engine generates the energy your vehicle needs to move. Then, the transmission transfers the energy from the engine to the wheels. When your vehicle’s transmission isn’t working correctly, you might notice decreased acceleration, stuttering and gear slipping. If your vehicle isn’t performing at its best or you experience stuttering and slipping gears, it’s time to bring it to Kaiser Auto in Valpo.

Professional and Proven Transmission Services in Northwest Indiana

Most automatic transmissions last about 100,000 miles before needing to be entirely replaced. But before replacing your vehicle’s transmission, there are routine maintenance steps you can take to keep it running correctly, such as adding transmission fluid and undergoing transmission rebuilds. A transmission rebuild is the process of inspecting, removing and replacing the various components of your vehicle’s transmission. Our expert team of automotive technicians replaces the following elements of your vehicle’s transmission:

  • Input shafts
  • Solenoids
  • Gaskets 
  • Bands
  • Seals
  • Clutches
  • Transmission filters
  • Bearings
  • Bushings

Frequently Asked Questions About Transmission Rebuild

How long do transmission rebuilds take?

It depends! For example, replacing solenoids can be done quickly, usually in a day. But a complete transmission rebuild can take a few days. When you book an appointment with Kaiser Auto, our technicians will give you an estimate of how long your vehicle will be in the shop.

When does my transmission need a complete rebuild?

Typically, a transmission needs a total rebuild at around 100,000 miles. But it varies depending on the make, model and year. Additionally, different components of the transmission may need replacing earlier. The best suggestion is to have your transmission checked out every 30,000 miles, typically when you get your tires rotated. Your owner’s manual can give you a more specific idea. 

What do transmission rebuilds cost?

The price for a transmission rebuild varies. That’s because some rebuilds only require a few parts, while others are much more intense. Our friendly and highly skilled staff members can provide an estimate specific to your vehicle.

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Kaiser Auto has proudly served residents of Northwest Indiana for more than 26 years. Our technicians are highly trained, friendly and professional. We pride ourselves on quality service and exceptional customer support – which is why our customers leave such excellent reviews. So schedule your transmission inspection or rebuild today!